As a Moslem, it is mandatory to study deeply about the religious knowledge. Moreover, it becomes more mandatory to study the knowledge related to our daily basis, such as tauheed, ibadah, & daily muamalah. One of the ways to study Islam is by reading the books from the Islamic scholars. Here we attach some of the Islamic books from some reputable scholars which we can refer to our daily basis. Books below can be downloaded by clicking the title of the books.

  1. Kitab Syarah al-'Aqidah al-Wasithiyah
    This book is an elaboration of the essay by Syaikul Islam Ibnu Taimiyah while asked about 'aqidah from the mayor of Wasith. Many scholars have already explored his essay intensively. However, this book provides a more concise explanation of Ibnu Taimiyah's essay.
  2. Kumpulan Dzikir Pagi-Petang dan Sesudah Shalat Fardhu
    This book compiles many daily dzikir (morning & afternoon (after Ashar) according to sunnah Rasulullah shalallahu 'alaihi wassalam. This book also contains some dzikir after the mandatory prayer. Authored by Syaikh Sa'id bin Ali bin Wahfi Al-Qahthaniy is worth to read because it is related to Moslem daily prayer.
  3. Bulughul Maram
    This book is the second masterpiece by al-Hafizh lbnu Hajar al-'Asqalani after Fathul Baari, an elaboration of Shahih Bukhari.
  4. Hadits 'Arbain Nawawi
    This book is filled with 42 selected hadith. The writer, Imam an-Nawawi, intentionally selected those hadith as a guidance for Moslems, including tauheed and 'aqidah.
  5. Kemudahan di Dalam Shifat Wudhu' Nabi
    This book explains the virtues, definition, wisdom, and know-how explanation, as well as the scarp of the ablution (wudhu') based on as-sunnah ash-shohihah.
  6. Ringkasan Shifat Shalat Nabi
    This book is one of the most phenomenal books by Syaikh Nashiruddin al-Albani. This book refers to the valid hadith at every move in the prayer (shalat). This book also elaborates many recitations in every move in the prayer.
  7. Ensiklopedi Amalan Setiap Bulan
    This encyclopedia of moon-based months outlines some of the preferable Islamic practices in every month.
  8. 15 Faidah Bulan Shafar
    Same as its name, this book explains about the eminences of Shafar month.
  9. Etika Muslim Sehari-hari
    Through this book, Syaikh bin Baaz explains on how Moslems should behave in their daily basis. He also discriminates this book into some chapters in which each chapter is related to one specific daily activity. In each chapter, he tries to also provide the valid proofs (dalil shahih) from Rasulullah shalallahu 'alaihi was salam.
  10. Bimbingan Islam untuk Pribadi dan Masyarakat
    In this book, Syaikh Muhammad Jamil Zainu elaborates the mandatory bits of knowledge for being a Moslem, starting from the foundations of Islam and Iman, until the daily du'a.
  11. Sirah Nabawiyah
    There are so many Sirah Nabawiyah (The Story of Prophet Muhammad) books from many scholars. The link above presents the Sirah Nabawiyah book from Syaikh al-Mubarakfury.
  12. Haji dan Umrah Seperti Rasulullah
    This book is written by Syaikh Muhammad Nashiruddin al-Albani. It is filled with the guidance for hajj and umrah based on as-sunnah ash-shahihah.
  13. 20 Kaidah Paham Riba
    As it is entitled, this book elaborates the definition, transaction, and other principles of usury.
  14. 40 Nasihat Memperbaiki Rumah Tangga
    Building a warm household undeniably faces both good and bad times. This book is recommended to read by any Moslem couples.
  15. 14 Contoh Praktek Hikmah dalam Berdakwah
    Dakwah is about conveying the truths and the faults. Dakwah is also about the good and the bad. However, dakwah is not only about conveying, but conveying in the best way. This book explains how to preach Islam in good ways.
  16. Akhlaqul Karimah
  17. al-'Aqidah ath-Thahawiyah
  18. Berbakti Kepada Kedua Orang Tua
  19. Prinsip-prinsip 'Aqidah Ahlussunnah wal Jama'ah
  20. Syarh Prinsip Dasar Keimanan