Transport in the Netherlands

Categorized as a developed country, The Netherlands has a well-managed and integrated public transport. The public transport here is also diverse, starting from tram, bus, to train. The access to public transport is also very easy. Similar to TransJakarta & KRL which use e-card (e-money, flazz, tapcash, etc), Netherlands' public transport also use such card. Its name is OV-chipkaartBy topping up the saldo in the OV-chipkaart, you can go anywhere by train, tram, bus, or metro.

Transportation Card 

OV-chipkaart consists of two types: anonymous (anoniem) and personal (persoonlijke) OV-chipkaart. As the name implies, anonymous OV-chipkaart does not have an owner's label on it. This card can be directly purchased in the NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen; Netherlands train company) in every station. This card is also available in supermarkets, such as Jumbo. The price per piece is 7.5 euro. On the other hand, persoonlijke OV-chipkaart is unique for each owner and must be registered via OV-chipkaart website. The price of personal OV-chipkaart is also the same as the anonymous one. However, this price can be neglected if you order this card along with the 40 % discount package (dal voordeel) , weekend free (weekend vrij) , and day package (dal vrij).

OV-chipkaart anonim dan personal
Anonymous & personal OV-chipkaart

Navigation Application

All transport schedules in the Netherlands are integrated in real time. By accessing the schedules via 9292you can get every schedule everywhere. This app can be downloaded in PlayStore and Apple Store.


Modes of Transportation

Let's start with trains! As mentioned above, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) is a national train company which provides multi-city transport. NS operates 2 different train types: Intercity and Sprinter. The main difference between those two is the station stops. Sprinter stops in every station, while Intercity only stops in big stations.

intercity (kiri) vs. sprinter (kanan)
Intercity (left) vs. Sprinter (right)

Particularly in Eindhoven, a bus is the only city transport that you can use. The provider is Bravo. You can use this bus everywhere inside Eindhoven, including the Eindhoven airport, and even to other municipalities in Eindhoven surrounding. 

Bravo Bus
Eindhoven Bravo Bus