Biweekly lectures

One of the activities carried out by Musihoven is biweekly lectures held at the Heezerweg Mosque (Heezerweg 116 5614 Eindhoven; temporarily in Stuverstraat 50), which can be reached by Bus 7, 17, 173, 12. This lecture includes some thematic issues or sometimes about Riyadhus Shalihin book. This lecture also sometimes is filled by presentations from Musihoven members.

The details of the route (by bus) are described as follows:

From Eindhoven Station
From Eindhoven Station, take bus 7 towards Aalst (departing on minute 6th and 36th every hour) or bus 17 towards Genneperparken (departing on minute 24th and 54th every hour). Get off at Plaza Eindhoven stop (6 stops). Alternatively, bus 12 can be taken from Eindhoven Station towards Gijzenrooi (departing on minute 27th and 57th every hour) and get off at St. Servaasweg stop (7 stops).

From Plaza Eindhoven or St. Servaasweg
From the Plaza Eindhoven stop, bus  7 towards Eindhoven Station (departing on minute 17th and 47th every hour) or bus 17 also towards Eindhoven Station (departing every minute 28th and 58th per hour). Alternatively, bus 12 can also be taken from the St. Servaasweg stop towards Eindhoven Station (departing every minute 23rd and 53rd per hour).

For more information about the routes, please visit