Sadaqah Musihoven

[Let's Saqadah!]

For our brothers and sisters that would like to send donations through Musihoven, this can be done via the bank transfer below:

IBAN: NL88 INGB 0006 2883 04
Name: Musihoven

Please state a description of the purpose of Infaq/Sadaqah from the following three choices:

  1. Musihoven To Go - intended as operational funds for Musihoven activites, such as ....
  2. Proyek Rumah Surga (Project Heaven House) - intended for long-term goals such as building an Indonesian mosque in Eindhoven
  3. Seven (a.k.a. Saqadah Musihoven) - emergency fund to help Muslims in Eindhoven who are in need
Sedekah Musihoven
Sedekah Musihoven